Crocheted Dress

Color: Shades of Purple and Lilac
Open Back with Snap Closure at the Neck (for easy on and off)
Fine Quality Soft Acrylic Yarn
One Size made to fit 11 Inch Trolls (and all similar sized trolls)
Care Instructions: Hand wash, NO bleach, lay flat to dry

* Troll NOT included ~ ~ ~ The Troll model used for this dress measures from toe to forehead 11 inches.

You will find my creations to be Original, my own designs, which I have taken the time to fit to each troll and her size, figure, height, etc. Each outfit is made with precision and attention to detail. You won’€™t be disappointed.

NOTE: I know that trolls with pointed ears are “boy trolls”. I have had requests for girl outfits to fit this size troll and unfortunately I do not have a girl troll this size. So, as not to upset anyone and because I want to showcase these fashions on my trolls, let’s call them androgynous (a word I had to look up!) but fits nicely. Androgynous traits are those that either have no gender value, or have some aspects generally attributed to the opposite gender. To say that my troll is androgynous is only to say that it lacks a rigid gender role!

Some of my outfits may contain Buttons, Hat Pins or items that are secured in a way that may not be suitable for small children.

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