Best Garden Ever 2016

I have been so busy with my garden I haven’t had much time to add new items to my shop.  I have a couple more pictures to add of the best garden I have ever had and then I will be adding many new Troll Frocks to my shop.  I have to attribute the success to the use of Epsom Salt and a lot of rain.Pepper Joan


I was very lucky to have a friend come and help me with the harvesting.  I call her my sister from another mother.  You can see her feet coming out from under the tomato plants.  The tomato plants are 7 feet tall and planted 2 rows close together.  The only way to get the tomatoes was from underneath.  We laughed so much.  I won’t be planting like that again.

I have been picking every other day and both Saturday and Sunday.  Things have started to slow down some but the Okra is getting ready to start in full force.  There are still plenty of fruit on the vines so I am looking forward to a long summer with lots of veggies.

2 thoughts on “Best Garden Ever 2016

    • noradora says:

      Thanks Rita, I have been so blessed this year. I love the garden and I love to give it all away~

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