Taylor and MeI have crocheted since I was in high school but when my children started school and I became a “Working MOM” there was no time to crochet. When I retired, gardening became my first love but in the winter time you wind up sitting inside with nothing to do.

Sometime in the late winter of 2006 when my granddaughter was visiting for the weekend, she brought her American Girl doll with her and some material and was cutting up the material and designing outfits for her doll. Can you imagine….no pattern…no thread…just tied them on the doll. It was so cute to watch her. I decided to try to crochet her some dresses for her doll and that is how it all began. The next time she came to visit she brought a Barbie doll.

The outfits I was making were really cute and with much coaxing and support from my sister, she convinced me to continue making outfits and sell them on Ebay. I started with American Girl and Barbie outfits. Since that time I have made outfits for some dolls I had never heard of …Kelly (both sizes) Krissy, Holly Hobbie and just recently Troll Dolls(all sizes) and Blythe. It has been an amazing experience, changed my whole life. I feel like I am in my 2nd Childhood and am so excited every time I make a new outfit. I no longer make American Girl, Barbie, Kelly outfits but still have some listed at a discount in my Etsy Shop. Mainly I am creating outfits for Vintage Trolls and Blythe. I am having so much fun too!!!



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  1. Connie says:

    Hi Nora,

    I am the merchandiser for the Annie’s Attic catalog and am wondering if you would be interested in adding some of your items as downloadable patterns to our Web site at AnniesAttic.com.

    We pay royalties for 2 years and longer if the item is still selling well.

    If you are interested we can talk. You have great things!

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